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James Gill

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Sameul Walker

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Nick Hall

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Tom Adamski


Gaelle Hammond


Odette Barnes

About our team

Nick Hall


Nick has been a working musician for 30 years - as a guitarist and multi instrumentalist teacher.

He has travelled Europe and West Africa as a musician , learning various instruments and musical styles

His main band is Dakar Audio Club  (featured on 6Music , BBCR3 ,Latitude festival) who are currently recording their second album and touring in 2020.

Nick runs Soundtribe , Exeter Street Arts Festival and the Amber Music Project within MIDI.

James Gill


‘I have been actively DJing, Promoting & working on Music events for 18 years. I ran 2 dance tents at Aeon Festival, ran stages at Glastonbury Festival and have also DJ’d there 8 times [on a few occasions to 3-4000 people].  I have also worked wth Dimensions / Outlook Festival in Croatia running launch parties in the UK, and playing for them in Croatia. I’ve also managed 2 nightclubs and have booked 100’s if not 1000 DJ’s for various types of event. I am passionate about music, sound and in the last 3 years have re-found my love for DJing again as it was put to the side whilst concentrating on the promotion side of it. I have learnt a lot over the years and I would love to pass this knowledge on, inspire people to get involved and create their own scene.’

Samuel Walker AKA Samantics

Music Workshop Leader

Samantics is a next generation one man band with his unique blend of live, multi-instrumental spoken word. Since stepping onto the scene with his trusty loop pedal in 2015,  Samantics has taken huge strides. He is now filling festival tents across the country and supporting the likes of The Sugar Hill Gang, The Undercover Hippy, Sound of the Sirens and Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Samantics is also an advocate for Mental Health and uses his music to express his own experiences and inform others to try and reduce the stigma many still face today. He works with a range of individuals and charities conducting lyric writing workshops to help channel emotions and build confidence. He recently spoke at The Houses of Parliament to show how music and the arts can impact mental health with great response.

Tom Adamski


Tom joined MIDI as a Director in 2019.

He is a musician and Tazma Studios owner.

Tom is responsible for the day to day running of the studio and handles all the bookings and admin.

Gaelle Hammond

Music Workshop Leader

I have been working with the Soundwaves team for several years now.

I am a mum to two teenage children and a dog!

I have been playing in various bands for years , singing,  drumming and percussion…particularly love Latin and Jazz….

I teach drumming in Schools and also do workshops with other groups including adults with dementia.

I play the piano and bongos and congas.

I think music is the source of communication and happiness and couldn’t live without it!

Soundwaves is a wonderful social and musical group which I look forward to seeing every week.

Marina O'Shea

Projects Manager

Ms O’Shea brings with her multi-disciplined industry experience and a field of contacts within the business, arts and culture sectors from across the UK.  In Exeter she has worked for organisations including the Music in Devon Initiative (MIDI), which produces the popular Exeter Street Arts Festival, as well as Phonic FM and the Cygnet Theatre.  She has served as a steering group member for Exeter Culture Board and is a present member of the Exeter Sports Council.

Aisha Hall

Marketing Assistant

Aisha is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, she joined MIDI in 2019. She has performed in Exeter Phoenix and Exeter Cavern. She is MIDI's website designer.

Odette Barnes

Lead On Business Strategy

Odette Barnes is our lead on business strategy and newest team member! 


Odette works as a bid writer, particularly working as an ambassador for the creative industries and has already been an incredible addition to the work we are now able to do with her guidance and support by bringing together place-based partners to work together across sectors to plan and deliver community activity.


If you have a project you want to get off the ground or want to develop yourself, Odette can support you to get it funded! This could be as simple as finishing your first album through launching a community initiative, or looking into the legal aspects of global touring and travel.


Her talents are endless! With knowledge on bids for the Arts Council, PRS, Youth music, heritage and more. She’s always happy to pick up the phone for a chat, so if you’ve got an idea or something you want to get funded catch her on

0758 118 7705


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